If you are planning a career that allows you to assist companies to grow and expanding their business operations, you can choose to be a tax consultant. As a tax consultant, you will be responsible for tax compliance services and ensure that the company’s tax returns and tax filings are done on time. Some of the things that you should know about your future as a tax consultant in Dubai are as follows:


The salary of a tax consultant in Dubai can be pretty handsome. Early in your career, when you have just started, you can earn somewhere around sixty thousand dollars annually with a job experience of one to four years. The tax consultant salary in Dubai increases with your experience, with the median salary ranging around forty thousand dollars. Therefore, your salary will increase as your experience increases.

Increments that you can expect

The tax consultant salary in Dubai is dependent on how well you can do your job. Some of the things that take you ahead of the competition and ensure that you get more salary than your colleagues are as follows:

  • The corporate tax laws in Dubai are pretty different from the rest of the world. Hence, you should be good at crunching numbers. If you can excel in it, you will earn more than your colleagues.
  • Company tax compliance means you have to keep yourself updated about the changing laws, advise your clients about the best deductions, and work with experts.

If you can do all of these, you will find that the compensation you receive will compare with the effort you are putting in, and even with a few years experience, you can earn a huge pay package.

Excellent compensation

There is a huge demand for tax consultants who are well-versed with the tax laws of the UAE. Therefore, if you want to position yourself as a tax consultant who is an expert in the tax laws of the Middle East, then you can be assured of excellent compensation in a matter of years.

The primary reason for this is tax filing is not just acquainting oneself with the existing tax laws. You will have to use logic and expertise, to understand corporate tax laws. As the company is dependent on you for guidance and advice regarding tax holidays and benefits, you are bound to get excellent compensation for your advice and guidance.

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