Indian Corporate Law Services in Mumbai

What Are Legal Consultancy Services For a Small Business?

Agreement drafting

The primary activity of a Legal Business advisor is to help you with agreement drafting. These are legal documents designed to ensure that your company’s and the interest of your clients and stakeholders ate equally maintained. The help of a legal advisor is necessary when you start a business and when you enter your agreements with other firms to expand your business.


The Intellectual Property Rights or IPR can prove quite complex unless you have legal advisory services to help you understand it. Therefore, when you search for a Legal advisor for small business, you will come across our services, and we will provide you with the necessary legal information regarding IPR. This is necessary for startups and small-sized businesses to thrive and gain a better understanding of their legal expectations.

Tax Litigations

These are usually carried out with quasi-judicial authorities. With the help of legal consultancy services, you can get the necessary help to ensure that the tax litigations are done as per the legal process. With the help of our legal consultancy services, you will find that the litigations are carried out only in case of tax disputes.

Civil Law matters

When it comes to corporate law advisory, we will also ensure that you understand civil law. If your company faces an issue with civil law, we will also provide you with sound advice regarding civil law. The differentiation of the civil law and Corporate law adviser is evident, but we provide the necessary support to our clients in case of civil law matters as well.

Family Law

When you are looking for a Legal advisor near me who can help you with family law, we assure you that we can provide you with the necessary support. Family law requires support and understanding of the situation, and our firm will provide you with these. In addition, our advisors will help you with the entire process, and we will help you understand your situation better.

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