If you are looking to have a successful career as a financial consultant, you must choose the subjects you want to study during graduation and post-graduation. When you think of a financial consultant salary, you can be assured that it will be excellent, but you need to take preparation early on in your career. Financial consultants need to have a background in Accounting, Business Administration, Statistics, Economics, and Finance. Some of the other factors that you need to understand what your career as a financial consultant will involve are as follows:

Career pattern of a financial consultant

As a financial consultant, you will be expected to provide complete support to your clients regarding investments, tax returns, and asset management. In addition, based on your clients’ requirements, you will have to strategize and plan your clients’ financial objectives. Thus, in your career as a financial consultant, you can look forward to doing the following:

  • You can buy or sell financial products on behalf of your clients to increase your clients’ financial holdings.
  • You will have to work in close association with investment bankers, financial accountants, insurance agents, financial advisors, and other financial professionals to build the financial holdings of your clients.
  • Your clients can be individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and even financial companies looking to expand their assets.

Thus, the career path of a financial consultant can be quite challenging and equally fascinating.

Salary of a financial consultant

When you become a financial consultant, you are expected to take several responsibilities on behalf of your clients. Hence, a financial consultant’s salary will be equally handsome to match your responsibilities. For example, at entry-level with a year’s experience, you can expect to draw a salary of ₹229,428 on an average annually. Similarly, a mid-career financial analyst with experience of five to nine years can expect to draw a salary of ₹828,164 annually. Finally, if you are a financial consultant with over a decade’s experience, you can quickly draw an annual salary of at least ₹1,017,365.

Therefore, as a financial analyst, you can look forward to a successful and rewarding career, and at the same time, you can also expect to enjoy an equally good remuneration. Financial consultants are assets to both companies employing them and clients hiring them. If you can establish yourself as one who can manage your clients’ assets successfully, you too will become an asset to your firm.

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