If you want a successful and challenging career, you could consider becoming a business consultant. As a business consultant, you will be responsible for your client’s firm’s management, accounting, finance, and legal operations. Moreover, your client will depend on your guidance and advice when making business decisions. Therefore, the business consultant salary India is also quite handsome. Some of the essential features of your salary as a business consultant in India are as follows:

Salary based on job responsibility

When you become a business consultant in India, you can expect an average salary of nearly eleven lakh rupees per year. However, this will depend on several factors, and some of these are as follows:

  • As a business consultant, you will be expected to fulfil several duties. But in most cases, you will be expected to work as an analyst evaluating your firm’s business operations and ensuring that the resources are utilised the best way. Therefore, business analysts’ salary is usually higher than other consultants.
  • When you think of a business consultant salary India you must understand that you will have to liaison with the legal team to draft the documents on behalf of your client. Therefore, if you are a senior consultant, you can expect a higher salary.

Thus, your salary will depend mainly on your role in your firm. For example, if you play several roles as a business consultant, you can expect to negotiate a higher compensation package.

Increments on your pay package

As a business consultant, you can expect increments on your pay packages. But this too will be dependent on the roles and responsibilities you play in your firm. For example, most consultants are responsible for project management, business operations, and resource management. But suppose you are also responsible for managing the funds for the projects, helping your clients with mergers and acquisitions, and even training your client’s employees. In that case, you can expect an increment in your pay package. Again, this is primarily because you are playing multiple roles, often added to a business consultant.

Therefore the salary of a business consultant can be pretty handsome and even if you begin with a salary of ten lakh rupees it can go up to twenty-one lakhs per year. But, of course, it will depend on the company you are working for, the responsibilities you carry out and your experience as a business consultant.

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